Notes about downloading and using the global script, A5Doc.
Bill Parker

This file is not needed for the correct use of the A5Doc application. It is intended for users that want to review the source of this script for coding technique, or who need the source for some customization they are doing.

The A5Doc script is called by the "Select" button on the main menu. (Actually, the button on the main menu plays a global script that calls the A5Doc script.) Having the source for this script will be useful for the following reasons.

1. From the A5Doc script, all of the documentation functions are called, so this script may be helpful/necessary if any additional functionality is added by the user.

2. Since this script calls the workhorse scripts of the documentation process, overview comments have been added that describe the naming conventions used throughout all scripts. It will be instructive to review these comments.

3. The script provides more sample xbasic code that can be reviewed for technique.


In order to add this copy of the A5Doc script to the database, primarily so it can be documented, follow this procedure.

1. Download, and unzip it, creating A5Doc_Script.txt.

2. Open A5Doc_Script.txt in a text editor, such as Notepad. (Of course you can stop right here and just print the script. Adding it to the database is useful if you want to use any of the search features of A5.)

3. Copy the entire script to the clipboard. This can be done by putting the cursor at the beginning of the first line, and pressing Ctl-Shift-End to highlight all of the text. Then press Ctl-C to copy the text to the clipboard.

4. In Alpha Five, open the A5Doc database, and press the Exit button on the main menu to display the A5 control panel. Go to the Code tab of the control panel.

5. Add a new script by right clicking on the white space, and selecting New, and Script. Name the script A5Doc_copy, and make sure the xbasic radio button is selected, then press OK.

6. Click inside the frame of the script editor, so you can see the cursor, then press Ctl-V to paste the contents of the clipboard into the script editor.

7. Close the editor with File, Exit, to save the script, and you are done.

This does not actually replace the original A5Doc. For those just wanting to document the A5Doc script, this is just fine. For those familiar enough with xbasic to delete the original, and replace it with this copy, the code is identical, but without the password protection.