A5Doc version 2.01 release notes. 05-07-99

The file A5Doc201.exe contains a complete copy of A5Doc. After downloading, launch the file (double click it) to start the installation program that will ask for a directory in which to install the files. This will replace the existing A5Doc files.

This version of A5Doc takes advantage of fixes that have been implemented in A5v4.01, and A5v4.02. Some of the new capabilities of A5Doc will not be available unless the most recent version of Alpha Five v4 is being used.


1. Cascading list field rule now lists the field to which the rule applies.

2. Cascading list outline now displays if the outline is greater than 256 characters. (If the outline is greater than 1023 characters, the display is truncated at 1023 characters when using A5v4.01. This may be corrected in a5v4.02, in which case the complete outline will display.) Regardless of the problem with the outline view, the entire lookup list will display correctly.

3. Add version checking in autoexec.scp. Previously, version checking was done later in the processing, and did not prevent some error messages.


1. Add field rule events which are new in A5v4.01.