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Alpha Software is responsible for selling the license keys for A5Doc, but Partec Database Systems is responsible for all development and support. If you have read the notes below, and the FAQ, without finding an answer to your question, send an email to support .  Please also send an email if you have a suggestion for a new capability in A5Doc.

Notes about A5Doc

  1. Updated versions of A5Doc.
  2. Printing a user manual.
  3. Storing and searching documentation.
  4. Customizing A5Doc.
  5. Techniques in A5Doc.
  6. Documenting A5Doc.
  7. Other frequently asked questions (A5Doc FAQ)

Updated versions of A5Doc

A5Doc version 6 is now available from the download page, or at the Alpha Software web site.  This version requires Alpha Five version 5 and is started by right clicking in the A5 Control Panel.

A5Doc is distributed, and installed automatically with Alpha Five versions 4 and 5. For Alpha Five version 6, download and install A5Doc.  A trial period is automatically available so the full functionality can be tested.  A key to unlock A5Doc after the trial period can be purchased from Alpha Software at 1-800-451-1018 x117.  Updated versions of A5Doc can be downloaded from the download page.  For previous users, see What's New.

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Printing a user manual

A5Doc is very easy to use, but some of it's capabilities may not be obvious without reading the help file. To get the most out of the application, reviewing the help file is encouraged.  The file, A5DocManual.doc, is included in the A5Doc directory.  This will produce a printed version of the help file.

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Storing and searching documentation

One of the most powerful features of A5Doc is that the resulting documentation is fully searchable with all of the Alpha Five query tools.   To store multiple types of documentation for searching, read the Help file about the Existing Table option.

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Customizing A5Doc

A5Doc is written with the user tools of Alpha Five.   Because of this, it can be customized.  All of the scripts attached to forms are available for editing.  However, some of the global scripts are protected. The source for the global script, A5Doc, is available here for downloading since it is the "control center" for the type of documentation that is produced.  This script also includes comments about the naming conventions used throughout the application, so it's review is recomended.  The source for the A5Doc script was not available in the shipping version in order to protect the sample reports before the application was licensed.

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Techniques in A5Doc

The techniques used in developing A5Doc may be of interest to others.  For example, the way parameters are saved between sessions can be seen in the OnInit and OnExit events of the Main Menu. The use of a Windows Help file can be seen in the OnKey event of any form, and in the Help_A5Doc global function.  Documenting the A5Doc database is the best way to review and search the scripts it contains.

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Documenting A5Doc

Note that when documenting form events in the A5Doc database, duplicate copies of some forms appear on the selection screen under the table name, _codea5doc.dbf.  This will only happen when documenting the A5Doc database itself, and is harmless.  Just don't select any of the forms in the _codea5doc table in order to avoid duplication.

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