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  Why buy A5Doc?
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It will pay for itself the first time you use it to document or search scripts or field rules.  It is possible to print documentation without A5Doc, but it can be very cumbersome and time consuming.   A5Doc is all about letting you see what is going on with your database better, and faster.

Scripts can be tucked away in places you might not think to look, such as toolbar icons.  Even if you do think to look there, it takes time to explore all the objects where scripts might be hidden.  A5Doc insures that all scripts in forms and field rules are found, wherever they might be hiding!  Then it produces an index of all scripts (in addition to the full script listing), making it easy to locate what you want.

Documenting field rules is even worse.  It requires printing many screen images which must be pasted together.  Since some of the field rule screens contain scrolling browses, the screen images are never complete.

Table structures are somewhat easier, but it still requires cut and paste into another application, such as MS Word, for printing. 

Set structures are very tough to do without A5Doc.  The picture of the set can usually be captured by printing one screen image, but the linking details will not be listed.

Layout objects are also very tough to do without A5Doc.  Alpha Five's object explorer shows layout objects, but provides no way to print them.