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Re-print a report.    If the documentation has not changed, additional copies can be printed right from the documentation table, without creating the documentation again.  In the documentation table, just press the Print Record icon to print documentation for the current record.  This is generally used for anything but field rules.  (Field rules have one record for each field, so to print all rules for a table, don't use this button.  Instead, use the technique described below.) 

The other print icon, Print Current Query, will print all records of the same type as the current record.  So, if you have done a query on "table=customer.dbf", and the currently viewed record is a field rule record, then pushing the Print Current Query button will print a field rules report for the customer table.  If there are any structure records, or script records in the query, they will not be printed.

It is not currently possible to reprint documentation while in browse mode.  If you have used browse mode to find the record you want, return to view mode before printing the report.