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Adding user annotation to reports.   Often, it is desirable to add custom notes to a documentation report.  For example, notes about why a particular set is needed, or a description of why a certain field was added to a table.  This can be done quite easily with A5Doc, using the Research function. Generally, user annotation can be added anywhere you want in the Code field of the documentation table.  Now, when reports from these records are reprinted from the documentation table, the user notes will be included.

The index at left has three sample reports that show the placement of user annotation .

Tables - Comments at the top of the Code field will print between the column headings and the field structures.  Another option is to enter comments at the bottom.  The table structure is printed as a block of text, so annotation can be added anywhere.

Sets - Add any comments at the top of the Code field.  The set structure is printed as a block of text, so annotation can be added anywhere.

Field Rules - Comments can be placed after the colon (:) on any line.   Type as much as you want (without a carriage return).  The comments will expand to the right of the colon.

Scripts - Since comments can be added directly to xbasic scripts, it is normally better to add comments in the script, vs. annotate in the documentation table.

After adding comments to a record, change the User field to Ture (T), and make sure the Update/Erase parameter is set to Update.   This will insure that the record will not be erased if another documentation run is made.